Built in order to prevent monetary losses.
support fair trade and empower real producers

A network based on trust

Smart contracts based on blockchain technology will allow buyers to assure the origin of a product and reduce their losses.

Save Money

Blockchain technology will allow us to eliminate intermediaries and save costs for buyers and producers.

A growth based on trust between parties

The network will grow according to the approval of the peers (buyers/sellers) and will always tokens to validate the indentity of the peers.

What we do

Step by step we take care of the producers and buyers by working closely to implement a comprehensive solution.

Coding on hands

We take care of all the coded needed to implement the Blockchain tehcnology on premises. We have our own system based on Hyperledger Sawtooth

Real security

All the transactions will be recorded in the shared leger so it will be possible to assure the security in the transactions

Cloud Based

Our engineering team manages the production of the business in the cloud so there is no expensive CAPEX neither for producers or buyers.

Clients on existing OS

Our solution is able to work in different platforms (Windows, OSX, iOS and Android).

Comprehensive integration

Because of our previous experience managing SAP platforms we understand how critical is manage the transactions from point to point from the origin to the customer.

Real value

We maximize the value of the goods during the entire transactions and we can assure its true value.

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